DARWIN is a software system which allows marine scientists to maintain information for the study of various behavioral and ecological patterns of bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus. The software provides a graphical user interface to access a collection of digital dorsal fin images along with textual information which describes individual animals as well as relevant sighting data. Users may query the system with the name of a specific individual or the entire collection may be sorted and viewed based upon sighting location, sighting date, or damage category. Alternatively, the researcher may query a database of previously identified dolphin dorsal fin images with an image of an unidentified dolphin's fin. DARWIN responds with a rank ordered list of database fin images that most closely resemble the query image.


May 18, 2015 - Code repository moved to Sourceforge after GoogleCode announced discontinuation.

The DARWIN Research Group at Eckerd College held two workshops n November 2011, prior to the 19th Biennial Conference on Marine Mammals, in Tampa, Florida.

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