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Senior Theses related to the Dolphin Project

Smith, Courtney E, The relationship of acoustic signals and behaviors of bottlenose dolphins, tursi ops truncatus, in Boca Ciega Bay, Florida (2004).

Everitt, Rebecca Roene, Association patterns of the bottlenose dolphins (tursiops truncatus) occupy ing Boca Ciega Bay, Florida (2002)

Higgs, Kari Alicia, The foraging ecology of bottlenose dolphins, tursiops truncatus, of Boca Ciega Bay, Florida (2001)

Allen, Jason Bryce, Use of the jolly-seber model to estimate trends in population size of bottlenos e dolphins (tursiops truncatus) occupying Boca Ciega Bay (2001).

Haviland, Genevieve, Design and implementation of the AQUA (analysis and quantification of underwat er acoustics) system at Eckerd College (1999)

Eide, Samantha Diane, Correlations between bottlenose dolphin (tursiops truncatus) distribution and presence of calves in Boca Ciega Bay, Florida and the Florida state ban on commercial netting (199 8).

Also co-author of John Reynold's book : The bottlenose dolphin : biology and conservation, Gainesvi lle, FL: University Press of Florida, 2000

Wilkin, Daniel James, DARWIN : (digital analysis to recognize whale images on a network) (1998)

Glover, Jason M. The establishment of clonal cell lines that continuously express interleukin-2 fro m the atlantic bottlenosed dolphin (tursiops truncatus) and the florida manatee (trichechus manatus )(1997)

Doty, Sarah, Assessment of ranging patterns and habitat preference of the bottlenose dolphin, tursi ops truncatus, utilizing a geographic information system (GIS) (1998)

Odell, Jessica Lynne, Association patterns of bottlenose dolphins, tursiops truncatus, in Boca Cieg a Bay, Florida (1997)

Allen, Mark Charles, The development of DARWIN (digitally automated recognition of whale images on a network) - a computer vision system to automatically match dolphin fins in digital images (1996)

McMahon, Eileen Joan, Characterization and expression of cDNA encoding interleukin 2 from the bottl enose dolphin, Tursiops truncates (1996)

Stanley, Rachel A., Dolphin identification using expert systems (1995)

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